Byrd ™ Super Avianti guitars are not an assembly line product, but hand crafted one at a time to order in the USA.

My bodies and necks are made from only the finest hand selected tone woods in Tacoma Washington, and produced using state of the art computer controlled numeric carving machines before being hand sanded by master American craftsmen to perfection. From there, Super Avianti guitars are painted and assembled in Olympia (bodies) and Kirkland Washington where I personally finish each neck in 15 coats of nitrocellulose lacquer, finish the fret work, and set up and test play each finished guitar so it plays to perfection before shipping it directly to the customer.

From my exclusive multi-patented performance derived design, the old world lacquer neck finishing, to the precision inlayed Arylite GP pickguard assembly and hand polished screws, the Super Avianti is a superior quality instrument in every way.

Purchasing the Super Avianti guitar is not just purchasing a unique guitar, but a unique service. Because there are so many options available to the customer, and because I am directly involved in the quality control and actual production, I personally consult with you, to build you the guitar of your dreams at an affordable price.

My goal with this company is to offer an inherently better instrument than major custom shops make, both from a design standpoint, and to do so at a highly competitive price. At $2,375 (direct price) for the standard model, the price of the Super Avianti is considerably less than a comparable instrument from Fender's Custom Shop. There's no secret to this; I'm not running multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. I simply make a better product for less money, and take less profit on each instrument, and the customer gets a better designed and better built guitar for a great price.

While there are many cheaper guitars on the market made in third world countries (and often shamefully actually marketed as "made in USA" or "American" when they're absolutely not) , I am confidant that you won't find a better designed, better made guitar than the Super Avianti anywhere, at any price.



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